Rental Housing Innovation: Delinquent Rent Case Automation System

INTELeTech helps multifamily operators reduce delinquency by 20%, simplify rent case management and save six to seven figures annually.

How it Works

Put your data to work: Unleash Intelligent Automation for more Efficient operations and lower costs.


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Link your Data

Share Property and Lease data via API or other exchange to enable automated payment reconciliations for existing rent cases and to easily send 10-day notices.



Set your rules and policies

Our platform unifies regulatory compliance with company policy and procedures. Improve accuracy and transparency for each stage of rent court filings (paper or MDEC eFiling).



Experience The Magic

Automation makes compliance and rent case management a breeze. Easily mail 10-day notices (with tracking) or by email (with open receipt) in a single click.

Technology driven Innovations: Shaping the Future of Housing

  INTELeTech is reimagining housing’s future and aims to inspire novel solutions for age-old housing problems. While utilizing a first principles approach at our core, only then can machine assistance be guided as an aid to accelerate intelligent design and solutions.
  This is made possible by our integration platform, INTELeWorX. It enables data interoperability across applications for the opportunity to identify fresh ideas to solve housing’s complex problems.
  Increased market efficiency 
through innovation of housing’s delivery system  can provide long-term societal benefits and minimize social burdens.
  We recognize aging software and paper-based systems remain prominent and impede progress. In response to this deficit, 
INTELeWorX provides an incremental step-by-step capability for legacy modernization to meld digital cloud-based systems with paper-based systems through digitized processes. It’s a unique and novel means to incrementally update as budgets allow, avoiding high migration costs and headaches resulting from too much change too quickly. By combining technology with innovative thinking and methodologies, Housing Solutions for Humanity is the ethos we embrace as a new paradigm for housing solutions that prioritize humanity with efficiency.

Rental Housing Solutions

Put your data to work: INTELeTech is a Maryland District Court Certified bulk eFile provider


Rent Case Manager





Who's it for?

Put your data to work: Unleash the power of partnership


Rental Operators

Landlords and Property Managers who print their own cases in-house and self-represent in court.


Court Agents

Software that will simplify routine tasks and add value for your customers.


Law Firms

Help yourselves by helping your customers and remove logistical burdens and mundane tasks.

Simplify complexity with Powerful Productivity Tools

De-risk rent case filing requirements with a rental delinquency automation and tracking system for Maryland Rent Case Management. MDEC eFiling and in-house paper-based court filing are supported. Sending 10-day legal notices (by print mail with tracking) or email with read receipt is done with a simple click. All in a single user-centric interface without having to switch between applications, mail-merge, cutting or pasting, or switching browser tabs .